Written by  Jessica Franklin, Content Crafter & Communication Manager

We live in a world that’s flooded with content and information. Take a look around. Chances are you’ll have no trouble finding someone with their head down, phone or tablet in hand. Earlier this year, reported the average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day. And, teens spend more than eight hours a day on social platforms. Time spent on social media is only expected to increase. So, how can you be heard amongst the content clatter and information influx? The answer is developing a social media strategy and sticking to it.



Your social media presence is often the first thing you’re judged on especially when it comes to the community and people checking out your church. Let people know who you are and what to expect.


Facebook is in the initial phase of testing out video covers. Utilize this feature if you can! Make a 60-second promo video. Show your children’s area. Show your worship band. Show your first-time guest area. This is an excellent way to let people know exactly what they’ll see when they walk onto your campus.


Also, give behind-the-scenes glimpses into what your pastors and staff are doing on a day-to-day basis. Think of it this way: Sundays are game days. Your staff and volunteers are in place, and your service is polished to perfection. Social media offers the unique opportunity relate to people on a more personal level by letting them see how you operate.





People are inundated with fluffy public relations pitches and over-done catchphrases. Skip the whitewashed content. Be real! Share your ministry’s vision or needs your ministry may have. For example, our church opened as a shelter during Hurricane Harvey. We put out a call for volunteers and supplies. Our members and the community answered. Sharing the initial need allowed people to find a place they could contribute. This helps your audience start to develop a relationship with you outside of church services.


Also, post candid photos. We constantly see stock photos and edited images. Break through the façade! A candid photo of volunteers helping at a nursing home or teens playing kickball during game night goes further at promoting your ministry than a staged photo.





People want content that is timely, interesting and valuable. The social media landscape is ever-changing. Planforms evolve and algorithms change. And, each platform has its own demographic and nuances. Invest time in understanding how each platform work.


Post relevant content like promo pictures with details about an upcoming event, inspiring quotes, sneak peeks of building or stage changes and pictures of events when they are happening. You can also live tweet quotes from messages, ask people to check out upcoming events through a provided a link, or share service messages.


A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. And, post content that allows interaction and follow up to questions and comments quickly.





Many churches have separate pages for their different ministries. Each page has its own target demographic. Your target population on your main church page wants something different than your target population on your student ministry page. Consider delegating. For example, if you’re trying to reach teens, choose a member of your youth staff in the target demographic to run your social media account. If you don’t feel comfortable turning over control of your account to someone else, allow them to help plan posts or post as a guest.





In the age of information, accuracy goes a long way. Make sure your posts and social media schedule are in line with church and ministry administration.


And, don’t forget to read and re-read your content before posting. Grammatical errors or incorrect information can often be caught by simply allowing yourself a few extra moments to proof what you’re posting. This can be the difference between gaining or losing credibility.

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