Written by  Jessica Franklin, Content Crafter & Communication Manager


Your ministry undoubtedly has several different social media platforms. Youtube. Instagram. LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Juggling multiple accounts can be a lot to handle. A social media dashboard makes managing multiple accounts easy! How does this impact your ministry? It helps you engage with your members quickly and communicate relevant information effectively.




Utilizing a dashboard helps with:


  • Productivity – Logging onto separate accounts and trudging through posts can be a time-suck. Save time! You can access all your social media accounts in one convenient place. And, you can monitor all your social network messages and engage with your audience.


  • Scheduling – Want your audience to see a particular post at a specific time? Don’t have the time or resources to be tied to your social media platforms 24/7? Schedule and recycle your content to multiple platforms at once.


  • Reporting – Dashboards provide you with immediate, highly-customizable data and analytics. Several dashboard platforms allow you to create streams or pages in which you can monitor interactions, conversations, hashtags, etc. so you can see how your content performs on each network.



There are several social media dashboards out there including Hootsuite, eClincher, Buffer, Mavsocial, and Sprout Social to name a few. The platform I am most familiar with is Hootsuite which offers you the tools to manage all of your social media profiles from one location and to automatically find and schedule effective social content. There’s also a limited free plan which is great for budding ministries or ministries on a budget.


Here are some of the Hootsuite’s most useful features:


With Hootsuite, you can use multiple “streams” to manage engagement across each social network. In essence, you can create and customize your own dashboard. For example, we created #b2sb and #lsclive for our annual Back to School Bash. Hootsuite allowed us to create a “stream” to monitor the use of #b2sb and #lsclive in real time. As our members and visitors posted about our event, we were able share those posts and create a conversation with them.


Collaboration is another great benefit. You can divide duties and roles among different team members so you know who is accountable for specific tasks. Hootsuite also allows you to connect with over 35 popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Prices start from $29/month or $228/year. As mentioned above, there’s also a free plan that’s designed for one user and includes message scheduling for three social profiles.


Whichever platform you choose, remember dashboards are your friend and make you and your team more productive and efficient!

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