Berry Fro Throw


  • Shaving cream
  • 2 pair of goggles
  • 2 ponchos or shower caps
  • 1 box of Berry Crunch cereal or cheese balls

We recommend purchasing the shaving cream, goggles and ponchos from the Dollar Tree. They have the best prices!



Select two players. Have the first player put on a poncho and goggles. Here’s where it gets a little messy. Put the shaving cream on the player’s head creating a “fro.” Set up a one or two minute timers and let the players team throw berries or cheese balls at their head one at a time. Repeat with the other team. The team with the most berries on their head wins.

In The Air


  • 2 beach balls

Again, the Dollar Tree is our best friend. They have the best price on beach balls!



Break the kids up in two groups. They can stay in their chairs for this game. Throw the beach balls into the air. The team that keeps their ball in the air the longest wins!

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